about us

CityServe Oklahoma is a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing aide to families in the midst of crisis. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our CityServe Team has been providing support to thousands of families across our state.

how it works

CityServe Oklahoma partners with national retailers and suppliers to distribute product to families in need. We work through local non-profits and churches to provide them with the means necessary, to serve their communities in need. Whether a family has gone through a fire, natural disaster, financial crisis, or still dealing with the lasting effects of Covid-19, CityServe Oklahoma Team is ready to respond with household items, furniture, appliances, clothing, and food,

delivering HOPE beyond the box.

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Our Main Focuses in Oklahoma Are:

Widows & Single Parents

Mother and Daughter

Elderly & Those At Risk

Lonely depressed senior widow woman with

House Fires

Family mother with children at burning h




A homeless veteran in a wheelchair, with

Foster Care & Adoption

Father and Son

Families in Crisis

Black African mother embrace little pres

Disaster Relief